Vertimax Jump Training


Vertimax is a platform-based unit complete with adjustable bungee chords that can be attached to a waist belt worn by an athlete. To further overload each movement, hand straps can also be connected to bungee chords and worn to increase resistance on the arm swing phase and spinal extension during all jumping movements. Resistance on the bungee chords can also be adjusted to apply more or less resistance when needed, which is great for a wide variety of ages and abilities. 


Basketball players in particular are accustomed to performing jumps with only their body weight and no resistence. In such cases, while conventional plyometric exercises are great, they are unlikely to provide significant amounts of overloading stimuli to the neuromuscular system. The one unique quality of the Vertimax jumping program is in the ability to apply progressive resistance to plyometric jumps. The added resistance, along with the capacity to alter and progress the resistance over time, may certainly be used to enhance the stimulation of the neuromuscular system and thus improve not only your jumping ability, but your overall athleticism. 


My players use the VERTIMAX Jump System to improve their strength, agility, and explosive movements.  Players IMMEDIATELY notice an increase in jumping ability.  Players also use this system to help with "first step explosion" and defensive foot speed.  


Personally, as an athlete, I used this machine in my high school as a player. It was a daily routine and required before practice. To be honest, I initially hated it.  That was until I began to really see the impact it was having on not only my rebounding and overall jumping, but the explosiveness on my jump shot. I TRULY believe this system gave my legs an explosive lift on my jump shot that squatting and leg lifts alone just didn't do, which enabled me to shoot from anywhere on the court at ANY time in the game (my legs were stronger than ever). My entire team used it my junior and senior seasons. In those two seasons, my team won one championship while unfortunately losing in another championship.

At Aspiring Champions, I am thrilled to introduce players to this system. The initial shock of having the players do just one set on the machine followed by one set off the machine is amazing! Players immediately feel light on their feet...Then, they do more sets! Give this training system a month or more of consistency and you will be flying in no time! 

I recently came across this blog on about the VERTIMAX. I felt I couldn't let this one slide by without sharing. Read this article posted by ESPN about VERTIMAX and be sure to check out our players using the system in the GALLERY page. 

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