Read below to see what some of the players and parents think about the workouts!

"Eric Burnett is a great young trainer on his way up.  His hard work and dedication will take him very far.  I have worked out around the world with multiple trainers and he is by far one of the very best I have encountered.  As an athlete, you express to him what you would like to improve on and he will focus on that weakness until improvement is apparent.  For example, when I began to train with him, proper movement of my hips was what I wanted to focus on and within two weeks, I had the ability to move without tension.  He will be my trainer for the rest of my professional career." - Charles Bronson, Professional Overseas Player

"Eric has done a tremendous job working 1:1 with my son John this summer. There are hundreds of small techniques that have to be mastered to be a top-flight basketball player, and most team or camp coaches (or dads) lack the time or knowledge to pass these along to every player. This is where Eric is so valuable. He knows the techniques, he's a natural teacher, and he loves the sport of basketball. What other kind of person carries a dozen+ basketballs in his car trunk? My son looks up to Eric as a coach and mentor, and looks forward to the workouts even though they can be pretty tough. One last comment. After 3 months with Eric, my son routinely "schools" me in 1:1 games in our driveway. I'm very competitive, and though I knew the day would come, I didn't expect it to come this fast". - Bob Griffith, Haverford, Pa.

"Eric, Here is my honest opinion. I knew from the first minute of the first workout, Natalie hit a home run in choosing Mr.Burnett.  We knew his credentials spoke volumes and Dewey Burke Basketball came highly recommended. What I was looking for was a trainer able to identify that Natalie has the tools to get better and with hard work and commitment, can meet her goals. After only 4 sessions, the improvement is amazing on how her shooting and dribbling looked only two weeks ago. Last important factor is Eric’s communication level and enthusiasm is fantastic during the training sessions. Thank You Eric! Looking forward to continue our training up to school tryouts. Thanks to Eric Burnett for making this happen". – Nick

"Eric, you took a direct approach with Zac that he immediately responded to. The ball-handling and shooting drills were challenging and effective in helping Zac improve his skills in both areas.  He can easily take the drills and perform them at home in the driveway.  Most importantly, he sees the results and recognizes the benefits of doing the workout drills, and he has developed the self-motivation to do them on his own.  Zac's confidence in his shooting has definitely improved, as he has developed a more consistent shot with better rotation.  He has also gained a better understanding of the fundamentals that lead to improved shooting. Thanks". - Ray

"The improvement in Alex's dribbling is unbelievable.  His dribbling and the footwork that goes along with it is fabulous.  I thought his footwork was one of his weakest points when he started working with Eric.  Now he can change hands and speeds and directions pretty effortlessly.  They gave Alex a jersey at the clinic for being "best dribbler".  His first step is unbelievably quicker.  He surprised me a few times.  I saw him make a sweet cross over dribble and left hand lay-up in the scrimmage during the clinic.  Anyway, I just wanted to give you some feedback.  I was blown away by his improvement". - Mike

 “Thank you very much for the practice sessions and the tips, they all contributed to him making this team, believe me. I am sure he will be using your services during the season w/some of your weekend workouts. Thanks, again, Eric, we greatly appreciate your training and teaching”. - Kevin