Coach Burnett directs the workouts to prepare players for the not only the season, but the drills and conditioning generally included in a team try-out, for ANY level (youth, intermediate, high school, college/pro). Many players choose to join the individual 1:1 sessions during the week to improve their individual skills while also attending one of the group sessions "OPEN WORKOUTS" that include game situations. Workouts are extremely specific for players at ANY level.

Private 1:1 instruction: Very skill based and geared strictly to the needs of that particular player. These workouts break down every aspect of the players game from footwork, to shooting form, and speed/strength. As a private workout, ALL attention is obviously given directly to the individual player. Includes use of the VERTIMAX Jumping System. READ- 

Group of 2-3: Also very skill based and utilizes game strategies with another player (setting and using screens etc.) These workouts are great for partner drills that many coaches use in tryouts and practice situations! Great for preparation!

Group of 4-5: Certainly, much of the workout is skill based, but these groups will also include game like strategies and utilize defense and game settings ("team defense", moving without the ball, pick/roll, etc.). Players will understand defensive and offensive concepts and work on skills that will improve their "Basketball I.Q". 

Group of 6+/Team: I also do larger group/team training. I am always glad to help coaches and teams organize specific drills to help improve.  Please inquire if you have a large group or team in need of training.  

OPEN WORKOUT: Open workouts are great! The maximum number of players that attend these workouts is 20. This is an EXTENDED workout and geared for anyone willing to put in up to TWO HOURS of hard work! This workout includes 75 minutes of pure basketball work and 45 minutes of strength/speed/agility. What also makes these workouts great is the specific game-play concepts. If age/skill appropriateness permits, players may broken down in to small groups and may be asked to participate in a game format working on the given basketball concept. NOTE- The open workouts are usually only held one night per week. Please inquire for details.