1. How do I sign my son/daughter up for the workouts?

Email me via the contact page: erburnett12@gmail.com

2. How do I decide between small group and individual?
Each type of workout has great benefits. Individual workouts have the obvious benefit of 100% focus on just the one player. We can focus on the specific skill sets and fundamentals the player needs to improve on.  Small Group workouts are also terrific because it allows us to see each player in a competitive/game-like situation. We are able to assess BASKETBALL IQ when we have groups, and this can be extremely beneficial for improving on-court performance.

3. What do you do in the workouts? 
Workouts are designed based on a combination of two things:
- Parent/Player input and requests
- Our Evaluation after the 1st workout
After we speak with the player and the parent AND we have had a chance to see them play, we are able to assess the focus areas for workouts moving forward.

4. Do you organize the Small Groups?
Normally no, we do not. If you would like to have small group sessions, you would come to us with your group already organized. We will then work together to pick the dates for the sessions. However, if there are similar players doing primarily individual sessions, I may group them up together to work with each other. 

5. What is the cost?
It depends on which workouts you choose and the number of participants. Please contact to inquire.

6. How do I pay for the sessions?
Sessions are booked in blocks, with a minimum of FOUR sessions for new clients. All sessions are paid-in-full at the first workout.  Workouts are non-refundable except for EXTREME circumstances. 

7. What if I have to cancel a workout?
Workouts must be canceled 48 hours in advance, otherwise full payment is due. Workouts are in high demand and renting court-time is expensive - therefore we cannot have players not working when we have the facility.  Thanks for your understanding.